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“I love you”

is just a power verb,
to make you surrender.
When you’re not strong enough to accept different.
The pictures of love you painted as a child, won’t fit your current image.
New love, is society’s prison.
Insecurely accepting the sentence.
Dismissing its true vision.
the blood coursing through your veins is liquid gold,
and he
is “just a boy, who believes he’s a man
His loud, unapologetic love, and inflicted pain,
don’t decrease your hearts’ temperature.
His cold love will leave you bitter.
You’ll just be happy he loves you a little.

You are more than what his eyes deem fit for you to be.
Such a shame you don’t know different.
You’re the perfect victim.
you’re too unsure of what you’re looking at, when you’re standing in the mirror.

There’s nothing on earth I’d love more, than to write…and nothing else. I love my art, probably more than I’ll ever love.

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